Our vision is to elevate each student and every community we serve through transformative technology and exceptional teaching.


The 葡京赌场官方网站’s mission is to provide accessible, high-quality academic education and workforce training to serve the needs of individuals, 企业, 和博福特的工业, Colleton, 汉普顿, 和贾斯珀县.

  • 地区委员会于2022年9月20日批准
  • Approved by 南卡罗来纳 Commission on Higher 教育, October 13, 2022
  • 地区委员会于2023年3月23日重申


One of sixteen colleges comprising the 南卡罗来纳 Technical College System, 葡京赌场官方网站的起源可以追溯到 马瑟学派 成立于1868年. 这所学院是一所综合性大学, 公共, two-year college dedicated to serving the diverse educational needs of the rural counties of Beaufort, Colleton, 汉普顿, 和碧玉. 学院每年招收约10名学生,000学分和继续教育学生, 传统的, 非传统, 全职, 和兼职.

葡京赌场官方网站提供高质量的服务, affordable academic and technical programs leading to Associate Degrees, 文凭, and Certificates in an environment fostering excellence in teaching and learning. The College prepares graduates with knowledge and skills for 转移 to senior colleges and universities and for careers in computer technology, 工业技术, 工程技术, 职业技术, 业务, 健康科学, 公共服务.

The College serves as an effective partner in the economic and human resource development of the Lowcountry. 作为一个开放的招生机构, 低国家技术学院提供学术, 转移, 以及专门的项目. Offerings include developmental education; arts and sciences; career development; specialized, contract courses tailored for specific 企业 and industries; and continuing education to meet the workforce needs of the Lowcountry. In addition to responding to local and regional needs of the area, 学院承认这种状态, 国家, and inter国家 issues affect the lives of the citizens of the Lowcountry and responds to these issues appropriately.

In support of its educational programs and services the College offers comprehensive student development services to all who seek to better their lives through education. 在共同价值观的氛围中, 学院鼓励创新, 创新, 学生们足智多谋, 教师, 工作人员, 和管理员. 致力于追求卓越, 葡京赌场官方网站创造了一个积极的, 以学生为中心的环境. The College empowers individuals by enabling them to learn and to develop throughout their lifetimes.


1881夫人. Mather deeds the property to the New England Baptist Missionary Association.
1932Mather School high school program approved by the 南卡罗来纳 State Department of 教育 as Mather 工业 School – 12 grades are now being taught.
1954The Junior College Department organized to provide increased educational opportunities for high school graduates in the greater Beaufort area and allow male students to enroll.
1955Mather School accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
1966Mather School one of three schools designated by the Office of Economic Opportunity for a pilot project designed to assist high school graduates in this section of 南卡罗来纳 to overcome certain academic deficiencies before entering college.
1967马瑟学院的董事会, in concurrence with the American Baptist Home Mission Societies vote to offer the campus and buildings to the 南卡罗来纳 State Board of 教育 for use as a State Area Trade School and to effect a merger relationship with Benedict College, 哥伦比亚, 南卡罗来纳.
1968Mather School concludes 100 years of unique educational service to the greater Beaufort area. The campus is given to the state of 南卡罗来纳 as an area trade school.
1969The 南卡罗来纳 General Assembly 转移s the 管理istration of Beaufort Area Trade School from the Department of 教育 to the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive 教育 (SBTCE).
1970The School becomes known as the Beaufort Regional Training Center.
1972The Center becomes part of the State Technical College System under the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive 教育 and renamed the Beaufort Technical 教育 Center.
1974State Board designates a four-county service area – Beaufort, 汉普顿, Jasper and Colleton counties. 在汉普顿县建立了分校.
1978The Center is accredited by the Southern Association for Colleges and Schools.
1979该中心更名为博福特技术学院. Off-校园 military education programs at the Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort and the Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island are begun.
1981特殊服务, 一个为高风险人群提供咨询的项目, 第一代大学生开始了. 联邦政府三重奏计划的一部分.
1982College receives funding for the Upward Bound 程序, part of the federal government TRIO programs. Area high school students selected for special counseling and tutoring.
1983The College’s Hilton Head Island Center is opened and the Beaufort Technical College Foundation is established.
1985大学获得人才寻找基金, a program providing career and college counseling in area high schools. 联邦政府三重奏计划的一部分. College becomes one of only three colleges in the state to offer all three of the TRIO programs.
1986Legislation is introduced to establish an area commission, a local government board for the College.
1987Dr. 安妮年代. 麦克纳特被任命为总统.
1988College changes name to “ 葡京赌场官方网站” to reflect its four-county service area. 基金会也被重新命名.
1991汉普顿中心更名为H. 芒金中心,以纪念哈尔伯特·芒金, who served as 汉普顿 County’s representative on the TCL Commission from 1987-1990.
2008Dr. 托马斯·C. Leitzel被任命为总裁.
2013TCL名称. 吉娜·蒙菲尔德,临时总统.
2014Dr. 理查德J. 高夫开始担任TCL的新总裁.
2018TCL celebrates 50 years of community college and 150 years of 马瑟学派.
2019TCL breaks ground on the 南方烹饪学院 in Bluffton, S.C.