Academic Advising ensures you are choosing the right classes based on your program’s curriculum. Your advisor will help you plan your semester course schedule and help you decide which classes you’ll need to register for. Advisement sets you up for success and timely graduation.

建议问 & A

Who do I need to meet with to register for my first semester of classes?

Each student is assigned both a Navigator and a faculty advisor. Your Navigator will primarily assist career counseling, first-year advising and will help you plan your courses for your entire program. Your Navigator can also provide general FAFSA and financial aid assistance as well as information about scholarships and other tuition assistance programs. Your faculty advisor will assist with more program specific questions as well as graduation application assistance.

Who is my Navigator and how to I schedule an appointment with them?

When do I meet with my 教师 Advisor?

During your first meeting with a Navigator, you will be assigned a 教师 Advisor. Your Navigator will refer you to your 教师 Advisor once you are ready to progress through your academic plan.

How do I find out who my 教师 Advisor is?

Your 教师 Advisor’s assignment is based on your program and preferred campus. It can be looked up with this chart.

我是 on Academic Probation, who do I contact for registration?

For students who are on Academic Probation please contact your Navigator for registration. Questions on how to reach your Navigator can be found 在这里.

Checklist for Students

To be best prepared to meet with your Navigator, please review the attached checklist 在这里.  

Need help using TCL 自助服务?

Please contact any of the following for assistance:




Beaufort Mather 校园, Bldg. 2, Rm. 115


Beaufort Mather 校园 (楼上的建筑物. 12)

新河校区 (Rm. 128)


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Are you a continuing student at TCL?

访问 to get all the details about registering and to see w在这里 advisement fits into your plan.